This is a list of our papers on the characterization of planets and stars, as well as catalogs of extrasolar planets.

Star & Planet Characteristics, and Planet Catalogs

Catalog NameYearPaper
Modeling Radial Velocity Noise2016goldilocks.pdf
The Frequency of Jupiter Analogs II2016freq_5.pdf
Distribution of Spectroscopic Binaries2015sb.pdf
Orbital Eccentricity and Multiple Planets2013alone.pdf
Detecting Jupiter Analogs2013jupiters.pdf
Low Mass Planets Around M Dwarfs2013mdwarfs.pdf
Obliquities of Hot Jupiter Host Stars2012obliquities.pdf
CaII H&K Activity from Magellan2011caII_4.pdf
The Frequency of Low-Mass Exoplanets III2011freq_4.pdf
The Frequency of Jupiter Analogs2010freq_3.pdf
The Frequency of Low-Mass Exoplanets II2010freq_2.pdf
Fundamental Parameters for 23 Nearby Stars2010parameters.pdf
Imaging of Planet-Hosting Stars2010image.pdf
The Frequency of Low-Mass Exoplanets2009freq.pdf
Selection Functions in Planet Searches2009select.pdf
Post Iron Abundances in Stars w/ Planets2008abundance_2.pdf
Keck Detectability & Mass Thresholds2008cumming_2.pdf
Exoplanet Properties Lick, Keck, and AAT2008prop_2.pdf
Rocky Planets Around the Nearest Stars2008rocky.pdf
Brown Dwarf Companions to Nearby Stars2007patel.pdf
Definition of a Planet2007boss.pdf
Abundance Distribution of Stars w/ Planets2006abundance.pdf
Catalog of Nearby Exoplanets2006catalog.pdf
CaII H&K Activity of Southern Stars2006caII_3.pdf
Stable Giant Stars2006giants.pdf
Systems of Multiple Planets2006systems.pdf
Observed Properties of Exoplanets2005prop.pdf
CaII H&K Activity from Lick & Keck2004caII_2.pdf
Planetary Messages in Doppler Residuals2004resid.pdf
Statistical Properties of Exoplanets2004stat.pdf
Absolute Radial Velocities for 889 Stars2002nidever.pdf
CaII H&K Activity from the AAT2002caII.pdf
Planets Orbiting Other Suns2000pasp.pdf
Lick Detectability & Mass Thresholds1999cumming.pdf
Magnetic Activity and Doppler Velocities1998saar.pdf