This is a list of our papers on instrumentation and data analysis involved in detecting and characterizing extrasolar planets.

Instrumentation & Data Analysis

Catalog NameYearPaper
APF - Capabilities & Performance2015apf_3.pdf
Transiting Exoplanet Survey (TESS)2014tess.pdf
Autonomous Data Flow from APF2014apf_2.pdf
APF - The Automated Planet Finder2014apf.pdf
The HARPS-TERRA Project. 1. Algorithms2012harps_terra.pdf
Systemic Planet Fitting Package II2010systemic_2.pdf
Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrometer III2010pfs_3.pdf
Systemic Planet Fitting Package I2009systemic_1.pdf
Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrometer II2008pfs_2.pdf
Carnegie Planet Finder Spectrometer2006pfs_1.pdf
Achieving Doppler Precision of 3 m/s1996precision.pdf
Spectrometer Instrumental Profiles1995psf.pdf
Iodine Velocity Technique1993phd.pdf
Iodine Absorption Cell1992pasp_i2.pdf
Astronomical Absorption Cells1987masters.pdf
The Hamilton Echelle Spectrometer1987ham.pdf