Stellar Seismology

This is a list of our papers that are involved with the  detection and follow-up of stellar seismology (asteroseismology) signals. This is important in the study of extrasolar planets because stellar oscillations contribute to “stellar jitter”, and are one of the critical factors in setting the floor for detecting the smallest mass planets.

Stellar Seismology (Asteroseismology)

Catalog NameYearPaper
Mode Frequencies in Procyon2010hr2943_3.pdf
Oscillation in Procyon: MultiSite Campaign2008hr2943_2.pdf
Oscillations in Procyon A2008hr2943.pdf
Solar Oscillations from Stellar Techniques2008sun.pdf
Acoustic Spectrum of nu Indi2007hr8515_2.pdf
Dual-Site Oscillations in Beta Hyi2007hr98_2.pdf
Oscillations in nu Indi2006hr8515.pdf
Oscillations in alpha Cen B2005hr5460.pdf
Non-detection of Oscillations by MOST2005most.pdf
Oscillation Frequencies in alpha Cen A2004hr5459_2.pdf
Oscillations in alpha Cen A2004hr5459.pdf
Confirmation of Oscillations in eta Boo2003hr5235.pdf
Confirmation of Oscillations in Beta Hyi2001hr98_1.pdf
Solar-like Oscillations in Beta Hyi2001hr98.pdf